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Bread Menu

Our menu changes with the seasons. This is an intentional way for us to not only support local farmers but to also use the most fresh and delicious ingredients available. To view our process, see below.

*Baker's Special: these are exactly what they say. We've done everything from beer breads with aged cheese, lavender and honey, rosemary and black-pepper, and feta, dill and light rye. To find out which baker's special we have in, call us or check our daily menu on our Facebook page.  

Tuesday: Country Sourdough; French Sourdough; Multigrain Sourdough

Wednesday: Country Sourdough; French Sourdough; Olive & Herb Sourdough

Thursday: Country Sourdough; French Sourdough; Sourdough Baguettes; Toasted Sesame Sourdough; Spelt Sourdough

Friday: Country Sourdough, French Sourdough; Sourdough Baguettes; Whole Wheat Sourdough; Classic Rye Sourdough; Challah

Saturday: Country Sourdough; French Sourdough; Sourdough Baguette; Cinnamon Raisin Sourdough; Spelt Sourdough; 2-3 Baker's Special

Sunday: Country Sourdough; French Sourdough; Sourdough Baguettes; Classic Rye Sourdough

Outside of speciality breads like our Challah, pumpernickel, and other less often baked breads, all our breads are authentic old world style sourdough breads.

They're brought to life over a few days with a slow natural fermentation process, mixed, folded, shaped, and shaped again to finally be baked on our custom built wood-fired oven.

We use hard aged Manitoba woods to heat our oven to 500+ Fahrenheit  for a perfectly golden and rustic bread.